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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A boring update....

Well not much going on here yet (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc. etc.!)

The boys are ready to go...I only hesitate until the babies with River are a little older so if they hang around bugging the girls, it will not put the babies in jeopardy.

The girls are just waiting for Kinky's foot to heal now. She's already using it again, I'm just waiting for the wound to granulate in a little more. Hopefully not too much longer then they will get moved to the Framingham release site....maybe run into Baloo and Cinnamon and say Hi for me!

I have not seen Trouble #1 (aka Vin) in over a couple weeks. I'm torn between worry and relief....but as we all know he is great at finding his way home if he gets into trouble. I'm sure he's just out there annoying all the new ladies he's been meeting!

Then there's Trouble #2 (aka Scrappy)! He's still around making nightly visits to the girls. In fact, until about 4 nights ago, he was denning up a tall pine tree between the main pen and his short lived new pen. He's apparently found a new place to sleep, but not a new place to hang out. He's not as annoying though. I think the gang is more jealous than annoyed with him and he's still happy to come play with me a little when I go out to check on him......especially when mini-marshmallows are involved!

A small amount of pinkies have filtered far Laurie, Lisa, Mary and JoAnn are handling them. Lisa had a single fox kit come in a couple days ago. A little older than our litter of 11 and in very bad shape. Unfortunately the poor little thing didn't make it :(

Right now we are bracing ourselves.....and cringing every time the phone rings! LOL

Monday is my day off and it's supposed to be pretty nice out! Yayyyyyyy.

I'll try and get some pics of the gang to show you how awful they look! The are all molting and their coats look like crap....making for some silly looking coons. We'll see how the camera behaves....lately it's been acting up and I think it's on it' last legs!!

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  1. So Vin's back into the woods for the third time. It's good to know that he hasn't got himself into trouble but I miss his "it's not me" and "I didn't do it" look.

    I bet Trouble #2 is waiting for his brothers to come so he can show them the new place.

    Glad that everyone's doing good and healing fast (kinky). Thanks for the update!!