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Saturday, April 7, 2012

And so it begins.....

Baby season has officially kicked off! JoAnn has 3 baby buns and I now have these 2 adorable little ones. The little boy came in first on Thursday. He was found in the morning by some construction workers in the middle of a cement floor of the building they are working on. No idea where he came from or how he got there and there are no injuries on him. Definitely no trauma from a very bad fall, indicating he didn't fall from the rafters above either.
A little heat and some fox fur, thanks to the Coats for Cubs program, and he's a happy boy.
After being re hydrated and finally getting a good meal, he falls right to sleep in my hand.

Friday morning I get another call, the exact same situation! Another baby found in the same spot. This time the guys look around and do eventually find a raccoon holed up in the building. However, it's a large complex with many rooms that is not sealed....there could be a lot of raccoons in there in various places. We were not comfortable trying a reunite in this situation for a couple of reasons. First, we had no idea if the adult in question was in fact the mom. Second, if it was, why were her kits ending up on the floor and why was she leaving them there!
After getting a better look at the new girl, she has a laceration on her back and some minor scrapes on her belly. This is definitely a case of something getting at the babies and for whatever reason, leaving them in that particular spot. So we've got the guys keeping an eye out at the site and our little girls wound has been cleaned up, she's on antibiotics, re hydrated and eating her formula well.

Brother and sister have been happily reunited safe and sound!


  1. Oh, you couldn't have given me a better post on Easter!...:)JP

  2. I just love them to death! It would be great if I only had a couple here and there like this so I could actually enjoy them! For now I am sooooo totally doting on them..... before the flood of new babies that should start pouring in any time now!

  3. Hi there!
    I just found your blog and I"m so glad I did. I have a large tropical garden here in Houston and now a mother raccoon and her babies have moved into my garden shed. I love raccoons and I'm honored to have them here in my garden. However, my wife is worried that the mom will suddenly jump on me and attack me. She comes out during the day since she's trying to feed a family. I supplement her diet with dog food but we stay 10 feet apart at all times so that we will have our personal space and build trust. Should my wife worry about the raccoon mom jumping on me? Thanks for an answer from an expert.
    P.S. I have never hand fed her because I don't want her connecting me with food handouts and then following me around for more. I just leave the food in a bowl in a neutral spot in the garden.
    David/ Houston Texas :0)

  4. Hi David, Welcome! Generally they will not just jump on you and attack unless they are cornered, sick or protecting babies (that are actively being threatened or you get too close to). Most likely she is used to your routine and tolerates you. Have you been using the shed regularly for the past couple months? If you've been using it all along,she obviously knows your routine and did not see you as much of a threat if she decided to have her babies there.Since you know she is there, just be cautious when going in there so as not to surprise and scare her. She will most likely hunkerdown and be still to try to avoid you noticing here if she's in there and you go in (and you stay away from her babies). It sounds like you have already encountered her out and about? If she's used to your presence, and goes about her business already, tolerating you being around while cautiously avoiding you it's safe to say she does not see you as a threat.Usually by about 8wks they are mobile enough and mom will move them out to a new densite, and if she is used to you, you may get to see some very cute babies! Feel free to contact me directly at with any questions or concerns...I get to my email more often than the comments here this time of year!

  5. Thanks so much! I will tell my wife not to worry. Yes, I am hopeful that I'll see some baby raccoons with mom. :0) David/