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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy and not so happy updates.

Unfortunately, terrible news for one of the squirrels. JoAnn brought them up to Tuft's Friday morning and they took some x-rays. Her mandible was shattered and the molars were totally out of alignment. It was not something that could be fixed. On top of that there was a raging infection in her throat. They were totally amazed that she was even able to eat anything. A good example why some injuries, such as traumas, need to be checked a little more thoroughly on the inside. Externally there seemed to be improvement and she was eating, however the damage not seen was so bad she would only have lingered longer, suffering a great deal.  
Her sister, on the other hand is doing well. JoAnn already has 2 other squirrels close enough in size that she can go in with so she is not alone.
On a happier note....Mason and Cinder are thriving! They have more than doubled in weight.
Cinder's laceration has healed up nicely.
They are eating like little piglets...... 
....and just being darn cute.
And they are definitely enjoying their fur to cuddle thanks to all who have donated furs!!

Meanwhile outside, the "wild" family is out and about and as active as ever. I have run into Gibby, Ringer, River and Belle for sure at night. I think maybe Red too, but it's been so long since I've seen her I'm not sure. Although she wouldn't come right up to me, she had no problem following me around from feeder to feeder as I checked on them like Red usually did. 
During the day I've had a few visitors as well. Everyone looks so different now though, that I'm not always sure who it is! Sometimes I only know it's one of mine because they'll come right down for a visit! 

I was thinking this was one of River's girls. Amazon or Nile were always friendly enough to come over to me, but not so friendly to let me scritch their chin like this time. Then again, that's the thing about these guys! Sometimes they can be friendly as hell and other times they can be grumpy or skittish depending on their mood and what's going on in their lives at the time. One day someone will hang all over you and the next, run at the sight of  you no matter how nice you call to them. Regardless, we had a lovely visit while this girl...possibly Amazon....sat back and told me about her day while having a little bite to eat.

The reds were released a week or so ago. They proceeded to vacate their cage and move into the large indoor pen! So much for going out on their own! Don't get too comfortable in there gang, when the new tenants are ready you're outta there!

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