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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Turkey trist.

Slowly but surely, the usual gang of critters is returning! My female turkey friend showed up this weekend, and she wasn't alone.
Enter stage left.... young, handsome man!
Enter stage lovely lady friend.
They greeted each other and snuck off into the woods. I couldn't see much, but the effort he was putting into puffing up and strutting around suggests she was playing a little hard to get! LOL I finally lost sight of them as they wandered deeper into the woods to get away from the peeping tom with the camera! (pun intended!)
Later the next day my girl was back without her suitor, paying a little visit to Dracoon....noble guardian of my walkway! She'll probably hang around for a few weeks like she usually does, then move on to wherever her usual late spring hangout is!
I think my groundhogs are the only regulars that haven't made their annual appearance yet, however I have noticed some recent excavating activity around the entrance to his hole in the mound by the driveway.

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  1. I've only been able to capture one good photo of turkeys...they are such crafty creatures! You got great shots!...:)JP