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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ugly lawn? I think not!

One persons dandelion infested lawn from hell..... someone else's heaven!!
I could never use weed killer on my dandelions! What ever would my little whistle pigs eat then?! LOL
My lawn is 100% wildlife friendly! It is totally untreated, as you can see. In fact, the only thing I do to it is mow it....and let the rest of the critters out there enjoy the fresh, organic grazing! It also comes in very handy when the rest of the gals need fresh greens for their bunny rehabs.

The trees are also groundhog approved! This is a new one on me...I was surprised to look out my window and see that! I enjoy my 2 groundhog neighbors here, but I don't specialize in them, Mary gets all the groundhog I had to call her once I realized one was climbing around in trees like a squirrel! It's not something you see every day ( is now actually!) so I just wanted to see if maybe I had a prodigy here! Alas...though I think all the critters I share the area with are special, this ability makes my particular friend no more special than all the other groundhogs out there. This particular groundhog prefers to oversee "his" lawn from up high. One of the many holes to his underground lair is right below the tree.

I had to euthanize the poor coon Mary and I stopped to pick up on our way to JoAnn's the other day. He was not limping due to injury but rather due to neurologic problems. He declined rapidly while I had him and it was the kindest thing I could do for him. I suspect another case of rabies, however there being no exposure we are not sending it off to be tested.

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  1. Sorry about Mary, sweetheart, but life can be cruel. I remember the time Moon and Copper chased one of these critters up a tree & I had to get them in the house so he would come back down!!!...:)JP