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Friday, April 6, 2012

It takes a village.....

This is your typical scenario. A crew shows up to cap the chimneys, and discovers one of them is occupied! Mom raccoon darts out and 5 babies are discovered in there. Luckily for this family, all the people involved cared! The chimney guys gathered the babies in a box and left them outside for mom, then finished their work. One next door neighbor, Erika, managed to get pics of Mom trying to get back to the kits afterwards (and helped keep an eye on the kits until we got there). Having no luck she climbed back down, found the babies and took off with one.

 It just so happens one of the neighbors is the brother of our very own Sue Squuurl! He called her and she got me and John involved, and we took it from there! Initial reports were that mom ended up coming back and got 4 of the 5. I broke out the reuniting box to give mom the night to come back for the last one while John went to check on the last one and make sure it was OK and warm. No, mom had not come back for the rest. There were still 4 very adorable kits huddled there under the bushes!

The homeowner was kind enough to let us do our thing and we got them all cozy and safe inside the reuniting box and left it tucked under the bushes where mom had found them earlier. John checked them this morning and I am thrilled to say he returned to an empty box! Music to my ears. Thanks everyone for caring and helping out!! Great job Mom and good luck with the family in your new home!
On my way to Belmont to set up the reuniting box, I made a quick stop at the Burlington Mall. Not to go shopping like normal people do! I had to meet someone and pick up another little orphan found on the floor of a building under renovation, no known mother around. An adorable week old little boy who is doing well so far. However the plot thickens! I just received another call from the woman.....another baby found, same situation, same exact location. So this story is to be we try to figure out what the heck is going on!

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