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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally....the gang's all here!

The last of the regulars around here has finally checked in! I have to say I was getting a little nervous about little digger here.....but I looked up from my coffee the other day and there he was! Hole renovations and weed control are in progress at last.

The mom's are in daytime mode again too, out foraging early to beat the crowds. I ran into a couple of them the other day while taking care of the boys out in the woods. Though I'm not positive who this is, she looks a lot like Button. She was not friendly enough to want to come down and visit, but she wasn't so scared she didn't mind posing for the camera when I called to her! She was pretty relaxed with my presence. Mystery mom number 2 disappeared in a flash when she saw me, so I'm guessing not one of my girls.

This time of year is great for being able to photograph them out in the wild, thanks to their daylight travels.

The babies, now named Mason & Cinder, are doing great and growing like weeds. So far we have had a lot of calls about bunnies, most of which were just cases of re-nesting the babies. JoAnn has a few that needed to come in, but nothing crazy yet.......the explosion is imminent I'm sure!

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