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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chasing butterflies & other fun.

Here it is.....the source of so much fun for the new girl especially! I think it was actually teasing her....catch me if you can you silly coon!

Her attention is caught.....

She decides to investigate a little more actively......

The butterfly moves in to start actively teasing her!

Now she really wants to catch the little bugger! She starts chasing it around the cage. (I wish I had my video camera with me at the time.....she was all over the place chasing it!)

Look closely....right above her left paw.....

....and right above her head....a barely noticeable splash of blue...

...and you can't miss this one! She caught the shadow on the shelf while the butterfly flew right past her!

She never did catch it...and the butterfly proceeded to continue flying around teasing the rest of the kids. Tugger spent about 15 minutes chasing the thing at one point. It flew right into the middle of 3 of them on the ground. All 3 tried for it, but they didn't stand a chance! It flew away laughing!!

The new kids are getting a little more trusting of me. Stormy especially. Here she comes to greet me and say Hi!

Some more silly antics....Buster & Seeker check out the tire....Don't ask me how they both squeezed in there!

The new girl (who I really have to name!!!) gets some belly scratches.

Going down!

Huffer gives me a close-up!

Guess who! I'll give ya a hint....look at those big ears!! ha ha

Stormy and her sister Thunder enjoying the hammock.

Seeker once again.

Wrestling over the plastic jug......

Here is Buster....he wants into my lap and tries to get there the hard way, squeezing up between my crossed legs.

Checking each other out....

Just plain old silly!!!!

We now have the new girl, Stormy, Thunder, Huffer, Buster, Seeker, Growler & Tugger in the release pen and everyone is getting along great! All 8 of them are sleeping together in the big den big happy family! Roxy is going to get added to the mix soon as well.

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