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Saturday, August 16, 2008

11 little maniacs having fun!

Finally some good (by that I mean at least is was torrential rain and thunder storms) weather! I took the opportunity to add some fun to the big release cage out back. A huge pine tree came down in the woods so with a little help from dad and his chain saw, the gang got some new branches to climb and play on. Now instead of the usual flat shelves, they have a more natural, horizontal plane to run and climb on.

Of course, it took them a while to figure it out!!! Ha ha!!

But once they figured out how to climb ON TOP of the branches instead of under them, there was no holding them back!!

Throw in some chicken wings................

And a new, big pool.....yahooooooooo...........

.............and boy what a fun time was had by all! Yes, that is a slide on the pool...and Buster was the first to learn (much to his dismay!) that step on that the right way, and all the way into the pool you it or not!

Rollo and Quinny are here now too so I'll be figuring out how to integrate them into one of the groups soon. That will be interesting! The work on Mary's pen has already begun, so once that is done and the older gang is moved over there I'll have a little more room to work with here.

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