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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The pictures I forgot, Feisty & Siren.

My mind has been in a million different directions! Here are some pics I took after adding Teddy and Clover in with the gang out back (just before putting the new branches in) and before adding Quinny and Rollo with the little (not so little anymore!) kids. Of course they are just too cute not to show off!
Tosser, Mo, Stinky & Nosey....getting big!! My boys are growing up!

Feeding time is the FAVORITE time!

Sisters Growler (top pic) and Tugger (sticking her tongue out at me!)

Buster in his usual reclined eating position.

Stormy....what a cutie.

Seeker finds the stuffed bunny left behind by the overwinters on top of the cage.

A for everyone! Seeker grabs it and knocks it down......

....then Roxy enjoys it until Seeker gets down and reclaims his prize!

Seekers at last.

This tree is perfect for lounging!

I think Buster is a little too excited to see Teddy! ha ha Stop it, you're too young for that yet!

Tugger (top) and Stormy (facing us) enjoy a new toy.

Don't ask me how all these guys fit in that hammock! Talk about group wrestle. Here they are scattering just as I got up high enough to snap a picture.

Roxy hanging out....literally! ha ha

Stormy, Thunder & Huffer have adjusted very well to their ever growing family. Here they regroup on the high ground to check out the new additions.

I believe this is Huffer....he looks very much like Stormy. I can tell them apart in person because Stormy will come right up to me & Huffer is a little bit smaller, but in pics if they are not side by side, I use the old "which one has the penis" method since Huffer is the boy. Unfortunately he effectively blocked it here!

Took a late night visit out back and I'm glad I did! I saw Feisty and Siren! I haven't seen them in ages. Feisty is big and round! He filled in to be a big beautiful male. Still remembers mom too....after his initial panic when I arrived, he realized it was mom and came over and took some treats from me. Siren showed up while I was there and she's pretty skittish...stayed on the platform for a few minutes, but wouldn't come near me and finally just left.

Belle scared the crap out of me when she grabbed my leg while I was paying attention to Feisty. She enjoyed a granola bar with mom. Fuzzball was just chilling the whole time wondering what everyone was so skittish about and there were 2 other kits also hanging around (I presume to be Bella and Macy). Skittish as well, but hanging close enough to grab the treats I tossed to them, eat them from afar, then come back and grab another...etc.

Fuzz is actually back to the stage where he lets mom pet him again and even considered getting playful last night, grabbing my fingers and almost nibbling on them in the playful way like he used to.

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