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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quinny & Rollo are here!

Quinny & Rollo met the little kids the other day and it went great! I was able to leave them out in the pen with them. Quinny is little, but boy can he climb, and if one of the bigger boys gets out of hand with him watch out!! So despite his size...he is definitely holding his own out there!
Here is Rollo getting brave enough to come out and visit the gang.
Mohican is the first to check them out and he and Rollo hit it off great!

Nosey tells go check it out and let me know what ya think!

Rollo was eager to meet them all! He's not shy, that's for sure! Nosey wasn't as thrilled!

Stinky says take my picture mom!

Reassuring Nosey that it's OK, you'll like your new friends!

Quinny just wants to drag the camera strap around.

....and checks out Stinky.

The very handsome Stinky is happy to pose. He's starting to resemble Seeker with those ears!

Rollo gets a better reception from Stinky than from his brother Nosey.

Toto and Mo are getting to be big boys now!

Stinky chilling out....I have "no comment" on the strategic positioning of that branch!! Ha ha! Maybe Stinky is imagining his future possibilities???

My little Toto...he's growing up so fast...what a little man he is becoming!

Quinny checking things out. He was more interested in the cage than the other coonies.

Rollo says Hi everyone!

OK mom! That's enough with the pictures! If ya want anymore, talk to my agent!

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