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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Red still loves mom & Diner at JoAnn's

Managed to stay awake long enough to actually head out back and visit. Daisy and Foxy were hanging out together. Ringer came in with her 4, and Red was THRILLED to see mom again!
Walked over to me and took some treats from my hand, then worked her way into my lap, then just hopped into my arms. So I spent some time walking around down there with Red lounging in my arms enjoying scratches all over! She was happy as a pig in you-know-what! She looks beautiful!! Nice full healthy coat and packing on the body weight already for the fall. Absolutely gorgeous! Big difference from her scrawny, ratty looking self a few months ago when she was in for her foot injury!

Myself, Laurie and Mary had a great dinner at JoAnn's the other night!! It was awesome JoAnn! Thanks for all the goodies. Got a chance to check up on Quinny too while I was there. He's doing great and so thrilled to have Rollo to play with! Also a chance to check up on the kids everyone else is taking care of!
This is one of Mary's little charges.

Also one of Mary's...this guy is about the same age as the group of opossum's we got a while ago.....

....and these are those very opossums grown much bigger now. They are back at Mary's now and will be reunited with their siblings soon! Here are the messy buggers just after an evening romp through their dinner!

This is JoAnn's Luna. She's had her since she was a pinky and she's doing great!

Finally my little Quinny and Rollo! They are living the good life at JoAnn's right now. Quinny has the lighter face.

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