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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun in both cages.

The whole gang was out in the big pen, including the little guys, Toto, Mo and the terrible twosome. They all had fun and To and Mo did very well on the high ground. Tosser really likes being up high (and giving me a heart attack while I hang out below ready to catch him if need be!) Here he is running full tilt across one of the higher shelves!

Pool party!!

Tosser stops running long enough to get a still shot.

Mo up on one of the high shelves!

Tosser loves hanging out in the papasan chair frame at the top of the cage!

Growler gives us another sexy "Playcoon" pose.

Buster before going down to the release pen.

Tugger loves it when the pool gets filled!

Roxy too....she sticks her head right in the running water!

One of the little kids makes sure one of the big kids doesn't mind him going into the pool.

Tugger hangs out....literally!


Buster and Clover were the first 2 we introduced to the new kids when they first arrived. Just to see how they would do with other coonies.

Buster peeking around one of the trees......

....and after getting a little treat from auntie Laurie!

Stormy and Thunder actually come out of the den box to check out the new arrivals!

....and one gets a little treat to try to convince her to stay out.

Clover tries to talk auntie Laurie into giving him a treat too!

They all handled each other's company very well. It wasn't until the next day that I decided to put the bigger boys down there permanently with them. Buster & Seeker are down there now and I'll plan on introducing Growler & Tugger soon. They are not as easy going as the boys and I want to make sure I have enough time to spend in there with them to make sure all goes smoothly, although I don't anticipate any problems. One of the girls absolutely loves the boys and follows them around constantly. She's already sleeping in a den box with them.

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