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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Seeker flips out.

Well the weather has been nothing but miserable and rainy around here. Even when the sky is clear, it always manages to cloud up and start raining right when I am going out to take care of the kids!! So the camera has not been making it out to the wet, muddy cages so as not to ruin it!

So sorry for the lack of pics lately! I did start taking pics one day but the rain started so I only got a few of the gang in the main cage having some fun.

Tosser, Mo, Stinky, Nosey, Clover and Teddy are the only ones left in the main cage. Clover and Teddy are going down to the release pen soon! The pen at Mary's house has been started and will hopefully be finished soon. That is where they will all be going for their fall release. It's going to suck not having my kids released here where I can keep a closer eye on them, but I can not overcrowd this area either and I can still visit over at Mary's....she's only 10 minutes away from me!
Seeker surprised Laurie and me the other day. We were vaccinating Huffer, Stormy and Thunder. Seeker seems to have attached himself to Thunder. Well Laurie grabbed her so I could give her the vaccine. Of course she flipped out since she is not used to being handled. Pee and anal glands everywhere!! haha
Well I am shocked over Seekers reaction! He proceeded to flip out as well and started going after Laurie trying to protect Thunder!! He was all puffed up and vocal and bit at her hands (luckily gloved with welders gloves so Thunder wouldn't get her!) trying to free his friend. It was crazy and I had trouble getting in there with the vaccine for fear of him getting my very un-gloved hands! I managed to sneak it in there though and once we released Thunder, Seeker proceeded to calm down. Not what I ever expected, and especially from one of the most mellow coons in the world!

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