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Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a tease!

From 60+ degrees to snow again!! What the hell! The prediction is 13-15 inches and I'm not happy. I was so excited to finally see grass in my yard again, and the swans, geese and beavers all out enjoying the pond! Now THIS again!!
Went out to check on our tree coon #2 and it's gone again, thank god! I was going to be worried with all this snow coming if it was still up there. (I'm still worried, but not as desperately as if it was still exposed up there!)
Instead I got a glimpse of this elusive little one! I had seen very quick glimpses of some type of hawk whisking by on a couple of occasions. I knew it wasn't a red tail....but never got a good enough look to identify it. I know the picture isn't was about 10ft above me when I went to check the raccoon and of course I didn't have my camera. By the time I got it and went back out there, it was much higher up in the trees (and snowing like crazy!)
I think it's either a cooper's or a sharp-shinned hawk. Beautiful bird up close and in person! I was happy enough to have a few moments to observe it up close and personal finally!
Once again, LOTS of activity at the feeding station and no signs of illness in anyone. One particular couple was getting a little x-rated for the camera! Damn kids should know better....that could end up all over the Internet! LOL!

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