North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

All the boys.

A lot of new raccoon activity these days! This past Sunday was pretty busy. Most of the day was spent working the heart worm clinic at Woburn Animal Hospital. But the wildlife doesn't stop for our busy schedules. While there, 2 little boys were brought in by Dick and his lovely wife. The boys were in the middle of the lawn, and after giving mom a night to fetch them and fending off opportunistic foxes, it was best to just get them to us. They weren't in terribly bad shape, but one was a little "off". Laurie ended up taking them home and both are doing well and eating great, however one does have a noticeable head tilt. It could possibly be trauma from falling from their tree. There are no noticeable external injuries or wounds. She'll be keeping a good eye on him, and paying close attention during their quarantine in case it's due to illness. But otherwise, Tewky and Crooky are quite comfortable and well fed!

Around the same time 2 baby mice were brought in. I just had to look in the container...and get suckered! I have managed to keep the little buggers alive this long and I'll post pics of those cuties later!

Shortly after getting home from the clinic Rocco arrived. A very cute, pudgy singleton who managed to survive in the walls of a home after his mother was removed, until he was able to be rescued. Rocco is a very good eater and has the cutest little chirp when he's hungry! He's about the same age as the boys all ready here so once his quarantine is over he'll have plenty of friends to play with!

On to the next day.....2 more boys from a frat house in Waltham after mom was removed. Again in pretty good shape and they settled in and started eating well.

So here's where we stand....and with pics finally! Good luck keeping it all straight....I barely can! LOL
Soldier (left in both) and Sammy out of quarantine and best buds already, although not "buddy" enough for Sammy to share his bottle by any means! Soldier is bigger but didn't stand a chance getting Sammy off that nipple!

So does Sammy have the cutest, most adorable face ever!!
Then we have the not so evil twins now! Brimstone & Spitfire are officially happy with their new mom and no longer trying to kill me! They still get a little pissy......but nothing compared to their first few days here! They are quite cute little fellas now. They are out of quarantine today and will be joining Soldier and Sammy in a bigger cage! Woohoo!
The pair that came in after Sammy are doing great also. I haven't named these boys.They will be moving on to another rehabber and I don't want to get even more attached only to send them on (ha! too late!).The frat boys will also be going with them. He can only take a very limited number of coonies so it's a matter of juggling and rearranging them in good groups. These guys will be perfect and will get lots more attention with him...and that will in turn free up more room here for more of  the inevitable babies to come .....

So all 9 of the older babies are boys! I think my basement has become the new frat house! The 2 pair will be moving on Saturday and by then Brim, Spit, Sammy and Soldier will be in a big cage eagerly awaiting Rocco to join them after his quarantine.

We also had another horrible chain saw incident. These guys were not so heartless though. They immediately contacted John the ACO and were horrified by what happened. Mom managed to escape uninjured, a couple of the babies were killed instantly, 2 were totally uninjured, and 2 others requiring it's hand being sewn up and the other needed to be euthanized. John got them to Woburn Animal Hospital for treatment right away and I met him there with a reuniting box. Mom escaped uninjured so hopefully she would come back for the surviving 3. I'm thrilled to report she wasted no time collecting them once the coast was clear! Kudos to everyone who helped turn this tragedy into a happier ending than it could have been! Once again, thanks to Dr. Rice for  fixing up the little one!


  1. Where are all the girls? Is there a preference in the raccoon world to give birth to sons only? lol

    Who are the cuties in the last two photos?

  2. Lots of boys this year! And the 3 new ones from the Animal Rescue League.....boys!! I do have some girls though. Of the 7 little kids 5 are it's not a total shut out!

    The last 2 photos are 2 boys that I didn't name because they were going to another rehabber...Sniff, Sniff. He can only take 6 a year so he got 2 pair of my lastest intakes and another pair from Laurie. Just in time too because as soon as he picked those up 4 more came in that night! So much for a little breathing room :)