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Friday, May 27, 2011

The cuteness is unbearable!

Well I am actually able to go inside River's pen without being mauled now. I won't be giving her hugs anytime soon, but we have reached an understanding. I do what I am told and bring food..... and I live! LOL
The babies are quite leery of me, but they follow mom's lead and come out for a little chow, followed by a little milk, and give me the chance to admire their total cuteness!

She is such a good mom and it is awesome to watch her interact with them! They are absolutely beautiful!

Gibby is great and was re-released Wednesday night. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and will try not to make friends with every strange raccoon he encounters?! Scrappy was out there last night to keep him company, as was Ringer....however I highly doubt Ringer was going to make him feel at home if he went anywhere near her!
Ringo has finally been spending his days away from home. Up until a few days ago he was always in the den box by day. LB was around and I think he finally egged him on to take the plunge and just go wild!

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