North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A lot of updates!

Here is the new kid on the block. His tree was cut down and the gentleman that did it didn't realize there was a problem until he heard this little guy screaming and clinging to a branch. Unfortunately the rest of the family did not make it, but the man was kind enough to scoop this guy up and get him to me. He's a monster squirrel...huge for his age. He basically weighs what Peewee weighed when he came in, and Peewee was 4 weeks older!

Chunky was in perfect condition when I got him, having only lost his mother 3 hours prior, and amazingly not a single injury from the fall. He's doing great and eating like a pig. Speaking of Peewee.....he is doing great as well! Although still smaller than his sisters, he's growing like a weed and gaining ground fast...especially since he's not competing for mom's milk anymore. He's going to be just fine.
Sweetie, Luci, Wombat and his sister have already moved from this cage into the larger pre-release cage. They have graduated to bowls of formula and are eating solid foods well.

2 squirrels that came in from McGrath Animal Hospital where I used to work and 3 squirrels that arrived just before heading out to Laurie's birthday party have all be relocated with another rehabber who amazingly had none yet! She said she would take 10, so we took a look at the hoard we all had and mixed and matched and got a group together for her, including a couple of Lisa's and some that came in while we celebrated Laurie turning 29 (again...LOL).

Now for the raccoons.

Lucky & Ducky are doing great. Not having had mom at all, they are a little behind the 8 ball...smaller and slower to develop, but they are thriving. Stony's 2, Pebbles and Porcelain, are doing great as well. They had mom's milk for a whole day and what a difference it makes. They are larger and although a week younger, their eyes opened much sooner.
Here we have Lucky and Ducky on the left (Ducky being the smallest little guy in the middle) and Pebbles on the right.

Porcelain so named because she is almost white...not even a light blond tint like the light ones usually are, but white. She's beautiful and the biggest and fluffiest of the group.

Actually they are all a little fluffier now after getting baths. Someone decided to poop in there and of course they ALL had to roll in it! Lucky was less than thrilled I think! LOL

On to Trooper the monster coon! A perfect example of how much better mom's milk really is! He had mom for over 2 weeks and it shows! Weighing in at over a pound now(560 grams).....he's not fat, he's just big boned!

He's at the puppy dog stage...where his ears look more like a puppy's.

He is now in with the 2 sisters rescued from the evil homeowner, Doc and a yet to be named sister. Doc is missing part of an ear so it will always be easy to identify her! Both girls are about the same age as Trooper, but about 200 grams smaller. Like I said...he's a monster coon!

They love to snuggle with their fur from coats for cubs....thanks to Pat cutting some of the coats up into usable sized pieces for them!

I have wonderful news about River and her babies! I finally got a peek at all 4, very adorable and playful kits with River. Since putting her in the enclosed section of the pen, I have not been able to check the babies due to her murderous attempts to kill me anytime I tried to open the door! I could only hope for the best and quickly toss food and water in there and slam the door shut just before she could reach me and maul me...hehe. Now that the main part of the pen is vacant and cleaned.....she's had some more breathing room and has been out exploring.....

She is also much less murderous towards me when I approach the pen on this side....she has even calmly sat there on the other side of the door while I toss some food in to her.

Well, a couple nights ago all 4 were out with mom hanging out on that top shelf and in that den box! I had the very extreme pleasure of watching her gently play with the very mobile and curious kits. I'm happy to report that Tigris, Amazon, Nile and Howell are perfect and adorable as ever. As soon as I see them out when there is enough light for pictures, you'll see for yourselves!

Dad is making great progress on the isolation room. What used to be an empty corner that collected junk is quickly becoming a very useful area.

Frame, fluorescent light and door is up, some electrical outlets are going in as we speak and it won't be long before it's in use I'm sure!

I think that pretty much brings us up to speed...gotta go help dad bring up the new microwave....mine of course s#!t the bed the other morning...just as I was rushing around trying to get everyone fed before leaving for work of course! Grrrrrr


  1. It seems your appliances always fall apart when you need them most...kind of like men, now that I think about it!...:)JP

  2. true very true! :)