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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Boys gone wild.

And they're off! Tash, Gibby, Andy, Ringo and LB are finally out in the real world! (sort of). The weather was good and it was just plain old time for them to go. They have been more than patient while waiting for Rivers babies to be old enough to be mobile so she would not be so freaked out by them hanging around should they decide to harass them like Vin did! So last Friday the 6th the world became their playground and they were loving it!
By the end of the night, Andy and Gibby had made their way out back by the main feeding station....

....much to Belle's dismay! LOL She was less than thrilled by the company! She was a good girl though and didn't whip their butts like she could have. Instead she settled for a little meal away from the interlopers.The next morning everyone but Gibby was back home. One in the hammock, LB on top of the cage, and the other 2 in the den box! So much for out in the wild! Gibby was the only brave one to spend the night away from home in a tree out back by the feeding station....but he didn't seem to mind....quite comfortable actually!
For the past week they have been out all night and back in the pen to sleep off the day. Gibby and Tash were the first to not return to the pen after a few nights, and as of a couple nights ago, Andy has not returned to spend the days. Yesterday it was LB and Ringo still using the den box but when I went out this morning it was only Ringo in there.
Then there is Gibby......
Tuesday night I went out to check on everybody and found Gibby in the den box...and he didn't look good. He was obviously very painful and not moving much at all. I managed to get him into a carrier and into the basement where Laurie and I could check him out better. There were no apparent injuries at first and his color was good. He was so pathetic though....enough to convince me to comfort him all night....sleeping in my arms on the loveseat in the basement. I'm glad it helped him to sleep, becasue I sure as hell didn't get much!
I was convinced I had been played big time by a con-coon, but I did eventually find some spots where someone apparently chewed on him a little. So it looks like he just got beat up and has a little infection going.
After a couple days of pain meds and some antibiotics, he's already feeling better....although he's still trying to milk it by getting me to hold him and baby him.......! Too busy though. Have a new litter of baby raccoons to get settled....

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