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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gibby gets fixed!

Despite the antibiotics, Gibby's wound just wasn't healing very well like they usually do. It was getting worse.  So on Tuesday, off we go to get it checked and cleaned up. Once he was down for the count.... was clipped, scrubbed and flushed like crazy to get all the gunk out.
 A much better looking wound!
By the time I got him home he was already up and about and....don't be shocked.....went right for his food! Priorities ya know! LOL
Thanks so much Dr. Rice and Maris for making him feel much better!
He's healing much faster now. He needed some hot packs for a couple days to keep it draining....luckily he's a very good patient....but it's all dried up now and he'll be good to go in no time I think.

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