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Monday, May 2, 2011

Crazy weekend.....great visits!

What a crazy weekend it has been! Started off the end of the week with a double delight on Thursday.....Ringer and her sister Belle came in for a visit! At least I had my cell phone with me this time for pictures. Ringer greeted me on the path and followed me to the feeding platform and minutes later her sister came crashing through the bushes. That's Ringer in the top picture and Belle in the second....

Of course just because they came in at the same time does not mean they were exactly getting along! They were not on the best of terms and did not want to see each other, but at the same time they both wanted to say Hi to mom and of course get the little handful of chow I brought in case of just such an occasion.

So they came up with a compromise both could live with! LOL
Friday was full of cleaning and torching the main pen, now that the girls were moved out of it. What a project that was.....all day...ugghhh. But it looks great and River now has access to much more room to move about and have the babies explore once they start coming out of the den box.....if she ever lets them! Talk about your overprotective mom!
Saturday was even longer as Laurie and I took a trapping course that is required to become PAC (problem animal control) agents. All day long in a course about trapping and killing wildlife. It was difficult but we can become licensed to legally trap animals in other peoples houses and get them outside be released humanely or reunited with the babies left in attics to help prevent so many mom's from being killed and babies ending up in rehab.
Thanks Lisa for taking all our babies to feed for the very long day while we were gone!!!
Sunday was full of feeding babies and heading to JoAnn's house to celebrate Laurie's birthday! It looked like a zoo with carriers full of babies that we all brought that would need feedings throughout the afternoon. We spent more time feeding all the babies than we did feeding ourselves! LOL ....and we were constantly getting new ones delivered while we were there!
Par for the course this time of year. That's why we always get together at one of our we can bring the babies that need to be fed and still hang out together at the same time!
Whew....I need a day off from my days off!

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  1. I remember Belle too, the poor girl loss all her babies two years in a row. It's interesting how they don't get along with each other even they were from the same litter. I'm glad they are willing to co-exist so as to spend time with you and enjoy free meal.

    I hope you will meet more of your rascal's alumni in the near future. I'm always excited to hear their updates.