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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The meet and greet!

It's hard to believe how far the youngest babies have come. It's not until I look at the pictures of the day they arrived that I realize how much they have actually grown! No problem climbing out of their carrier at feeding time now. Lucky is nice and chunky.
Porcelain is fluffy and still quite white.
Her sister Pebbles is just as fluffy but normal colors.
Ducky is the little guy here in the middle of all his sisters. It was time for the little kids to meet their roommates!
Sis here (next to Troopers big ole butt!).....
.....and her sister Doc the one eared raccoon.
And a better view of Trooper, the biggest of them all.
A big cute pile of coonie kits getting to know each other.

The biggest boy Trooper next to the littlest, Lucky & Ducky. He was less than thrilled about the introductions as he stood there frozen, not even looking at them as they clamored toward him. The biggest coon is the biggest chicken! LOL
A very white Porcelain gets a hug (I know what it looks like, but they are just babies people, get your minds outta the gutter! LOL) from her much darker sister Pebbles.
Trooper finally decides he's had enough and gets the heck outta dodge. That's the first time you'll see a squirmy, playful baby actually want to go back into his "den" without peeling him off you and forcing him back in there!
The boat babies are being fostered by another rehabber for the time being. Just until they are weaned then they will come back here to join the rest of the gang. He has a little more time on his hands to spoil them, clearing up room and time for me to deal with all the older ones coming in.
No pictures yet....but Soldier is doing great. The 2 evil twins, Brimstone and Spitfire, are much better! Not best buds yet, but they are fairly pleasant to me now with an occasional warning growl if I move too suddenly or in a manner they don't approve of. The other little boy has been named Sammy after another brave little coonie, born wild last spring and thought to have perished. It was then discovered he had survived on his own, blind with cataracts, through to just recently when he was tragically found dead. He was a member of Phillip & Michelle's local coonie family, one of Sweetie's babies who regularly visits them and often brings the kids around to show them off. Gone but not forgotten were amazing against incredible odds!
And we have 2 new boys that came in yesterday. A little younger than Sammy and the twins. As was killed then the babies were discovered in the attic. Luckily the people took good care of them and they are in great shape.
In 2 weeks, barring any illness, the older 6 can become one group.

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