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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fundriaser fun!

Our fundraiser at Flatbread's was spectacular! So many of our wonderful friends, family and supporters came out in full force to show their support...THANK YOU ALL! And thanks to Flatbread for letting us have it and special thanks to Kristen who got the ball rolling and pretty much organized the whole thing!...and the Billerica Cat Care Coalition for getting the word out and coming by to support us! You all rock!!!
And look! I even got a picture of Lisa where she's not sleeping!!LOL Awesome! Great picture of Lisa and Mary!
...and Mary's sisters.
Sue's hubby Jim and John the Belmont ACO...he's one of the good guys and has done a lot to help us and the wildlife he encounters...a true Animal Control Officer (not to be mistaken with those Dog (only!) Officers) that cares about ALL the animals!
My absolute biggest fan/supporter/volunteer/you name it he does it person...Dad!! I think his choice of attire for the evening says it all! LOL
Sue and Jim....always there when you need them and very handy with tools!!!
Laurie's sister-in-law and family.
Daphne and Mark. The day they found Willie, Einstein and Flipper was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!! And many after Willie have them to thank for a wonderful place to be released and live.
JoAnn and her crew...hubby Manny and the guys from the gym! I hear so much about was great to finally meet them! And my lovely Niece is in there too...she snuck her way into a few pics around the place! LOL
The crew at Woburn Animal least the 4 that would sit still for a pic! LOL Laurie, Lisa and Dr's Rice and Grange.
Mom, Dad, Aunt Deanna and Uncle Jack...and my niece again!
My wonderful sister-in-law with the kids! Please say a prayer for them and her Dad who passed away a couple days ago. Papa is with the angels now but he will be sorely missed.
Laurie's wonderful hubby :)
Dr. (Auntie to the coonies!) Bruce and Andrea from McGrath's.
Laurie's awesome dad! If it wasn't for him a LOT of the release pens and cages wouldn't have made it to their destinations! Her mom was there too....and I thought I had an awesome pic of them both until I downloaded them and as usual, so blurry you could hardly tell what the pic was! 

The rest of the McGrath's crew.
It was a wonderful, crazy night and again, words don't seem like enough, but  I want to thank you all so much for helping out! It is ever so greatly appreciated!

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  1. yay!! looks like everyone was having a good time...and your fundraiser was a big success!! you deserve it for sure!! keep up all the good work you do!! :)