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Friday, July 15, 2011

An interesting ride home.

So I'm at work yesterday and via the power of Twitter, another baby coon in need of help that I can't say no to....because of course now I know about it and won't sleep unless I know it's OK. So the ARL rescued him then met up with me when I got out of work and delivered the sweetest little guy! I'm thinking a little too sweet for what should be a wild coonie this age! Should have been at least a little huffing and spitting as we hovered over the box, but what we got instead was a more than eager bundle of fur hopping into my arms and loving it!
Anyway, I'm driving home when something moving at my feet scares the crap out of me! My little friend managed to get out of the cardboard carrier and was happily exploring under my feet...and the break and gas pedals! I managed to pull him out of there without driving off the road and he quite happily spent the rest of the ride co-piloting from my center console!
It's a miracle we even made it home between him under my feet and my laughing so hard, and of course I just HAD to call Laurie and tell her! It's pretty obvious my driving was the last thing I was paying attention too! Shame on me!

So my little escape artist is appropriately named Houdini. The box (one of those cardboard carriers)was secure in the back seat when I got home. I can only guess if it rolled on it's side, the bottom may have gaped open just enough to provide an escape?
He is doing fine and eating solids so easy enough to add to the mix. Although the bottom of his back feet are injured. The sensitive outer layer of skin peeled off somehow. Most of one foot is skinned off and just a little of the other. May have skinned it off sliding down a tree or something.....not a major injury, but a very ouchy one! Doesn't seem to phase him too much though....walks a little funny, but does walk and climb his cage.

On other matters....The Boat Babies are back and bigger than ever. Petey has also joined the crew. I had him for a night. He was extremely emaciated and needed round the clock critical care that I just didn't have time for, so JoAnn took him on and what an incredible job she surprise! He survived thanks to her care and has now become best buds with Spencer and Pinner. I'll have pics of them all soon!


  1. HOUDINI!!!! love it!! he looks so little when you see him next to the shifter!! what a cutie...and lucky for him...he found his way to YOU!!
    hey, hopefully he won't REALLY live up to his name...and some how manage to escape whatever cage he is in!! :)

  2. I visited your page to get an update on the little guy and was thrilled to see this entry. Thank you so much for taking him in. A reason I felt so strongly about calling ARL was because of how sweet he seemed; glad to hear "Houdini" is improving.

    Thanks again!

    Mary Paoletti

  3. LOL...I hope he doesn't continue to live up to his name either!

    Mary he's doing great. I think someone raised him then just let him go probably once he was weaned. Unfortunately coonies are no where near ready that early to be on their own. Think he may have had a run in with a car. The bottom of his paws were all skinned off like road rash and he had a couple minor injuries on a rear leg and shoulder on same side of his body....injuries consistent with being hit by a car. Poor thing...he's such a sweetheart and been through a lot of scary things for a little guy, but he's healing well and very happy with some new friends now! Thanks for getting him help!!