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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sweetie & other happy stories.

Check out this wonderful story about a baby raccoon rescue! It's wonderful to see a positive story about people interacting with raccoons.....and a happy ending!

Here is a picture of Phillip & Michelle's friend Sweetie. You may remember she is the mother of poor Sammy I told you about, who died earlier this year, and who our little Sammy is named after. Like my Ringer & Belle, she is a very good friend who visits regularly! I love reading about others who have a wild family out there that they enjoy & live in harmony with instead of driving them off or running in fear! It just makes my day! (I'm not the only crazy one out there walking in the woods talking to the animals! LOL) Thanks Phillip & Michelle.

"I have known Sweetie since she was a yearling about 6 years ago. Last year she had 4 babies and it appears that 3 are still around this year. Her last set of babies was in 2007. She does not have babies this year. She lost her tail to a coyote attack back in 2007. I usually see her 3-4 times a week. She is probably at the feeders every night just at times I am not looking. Hopefully she will be around for a few more years but at 7 years she is getting old, though she does not look it."

And one some states the wildlife removal companies actually save the animals they remove or get help for the injured ones....unlike here in MA where they kill them. (But that's another soapbox altogether that I won't get going on right now!) Kudo's to Muskoka Wildlife Control (and any of the other agencies that have helped the animals they trap!) for getting this mom and her babies the help she so desperately needed!
Just a little happy cheer to start the weekend :)

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