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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spencer & Pinner.

The 2 youngest boys...and the last of the singles...are no longer singles! Pinner's quarantine is finally over and at long last, Spencer has a friend!!! Yippeeee!
Spencer has grown quite a bit and is cute as ever.

Pinner is a little older, but close enough in age to be a perfect playmate.

At first Pinner just annoyed poor little Spencer, pouncing and chewing on him. Spencer was a little less coordinated and unsure of himself she he just kept getting overwhelmed.....

...until Spencer finally figures it all out and one well placed paw to the face and we have the take down of the century! Sorry about the blur...the camera does not always focus well being on it's last legs and all, but it was still a priceless picture!
Both have settled in well now and are the only 2 left inside. Springer, Bama, Chester, Legend, Tumbler, Rizzoli and Isles have been moved outside into the smaller kids pen right across from the other 12. They are eating their formula and chow from bowls which has made feeding a little easier, but that is just a trade off for more cleaning. They are crapping everywhere except in their litter boxes now! As soon as I go through and clean it all up I move onto the next pen only to come back to find it a total mess again! Ugghh. They are all doing it actually! Instead of spending all my free time feeding bottles, I'm running back and forth between pens constantly cleaning up the mess and refreshing dirty water!
Is it fall yet?

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