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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Raccoons!

It's the day after our first real big snow fall. About a foot on the gorund and more to come.
The little kids have that rolly, polly look now! The look like chubby little puff balls as they eagerly head out to greet me! Then it happened.....Charger's paws hit snow and the line came to a screeching halt!! It was comical watching every ones face go up the but of the coon in front of them!!
Outlaw finally takes point and starts down the branch. His paws hit the snow..... what the........

Ohhhhhhhhh mommy it's COLD!! What is it!!! GET IT OOOOOOOOOOOOFF!!!!

The smarter coons stayed up on the nice, dry shelf! Roxy on the left says "No way I'm goin' down there! Button in the middle started the attempt......

....then thought better of it!

Finally one brave soul out of them all! Charger lived up to his name, and charged right down into it!

He thoroughly enjoyed checking out the cold, white, fluffy stuff...

.......pouncing on it, feeling it and tasting it!

Briefly that is!!! It didn't take long before he realized...." feet are FREEZING!!"
MOM!!! Get me outta this stuff!! Pick me up NOW!!!!!!!

Button didn't avoid it all together though....while checking out a different part of the cage, one misplaced step and a pile of snow landed on her! Ha ha!! She was NOT a happy camper! But damn cute none the less!

Out back with the big boys and all is quiet. No one is going to be venturing out for a while I think. The only reason I got a glimpse of Quinny & Rollo is because they drew the short straw and were the one's stuck near the entrance!

One look outside was all they needed......I'll see them in the spring...especially since we have another 5-8 inches of snow heading in right on top of this storm!

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