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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fun with tires & a new overwinter!

Well here's a new one on me! This little guy (or girl?? not sure at this point!) was found in some one's house and needed a place to spend the winter. A cool place. So with a joint effort by many, we have him safe and sound. Fran had the knowledge, Mary got a cozy "house" ready for him, Laurie got him and brought him over, and I have the cold but not freezing environment for him...... So in my garage he resides! I'll be doing a lot of reading up on bats now, and hopefully all will go well and we can reunite him with his colony in the spring!

After learning a few new tricks at the NY conference, Laurie mastered the art of tire tunnels! She's got a great one hanging in her pen and she came over and gave me a lesson as we put one together for the downtown pen.

I hope to eventually have it hanging from the top of the cage...but we're going to need a couple more strong shoulders to help lift it up there so I can secure it! So for now it is suspended just off the ground....but still able to be enjoyed by the coonies. That is IF they ever come out of their den boxes again! We got snow shortly after this and the 6 older boys were NOT thrilled.
Mo, Toto and Quinny wouldn't even leave the den box, and the twins and Rollo finally forced themselves to rush through the snow onto the feeding platform....because they are the biggest pigs after all! haha Stinky was shivering the whole time though and obviously not happy about it!

I have a feeling those den boxes are going to be a mess come spring time! Ugghhh!

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