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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More snow after the meltdown.

The warm weather was short lived. Got another 8 inches? yesterday! The gang was up & about near the start of the storm. The temps were milder then! By the end, the wind was crazy and it was about -12 with the wind chill. Brrrrrrr....I'm gettin' cold just thinking about it!
More white stuff falling? Quinny's not coming out then!
Stinky just loves his mom and even got the feet cold in the white stuff to step out and say Hi!

The rest of the gang weren't budging, but had no problem poking a hand out to grab an available treat when they realized there were some!

Snow or no snow, the younger kids were out as usual....especially when they thought they were getting fed!

Roxy as cute as ever and doing great!

Hanging inside the little kids pen.
Marshmallows are always a welcome treat!! Button very gently selects hers.

Charger grabs a handful and chows down.

And Outlaw.....what can I was a tug o' war getting the container back from him! He wasn't going to let go, even if it was empty!

Charger is so excited about eating he looses his head! LOL!

Happy New Year everyone from the gang at Rascal Rescue!!!

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