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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow & more snow!

All the snow has finally stopped and the sun is shining! Don't let that fool ya's FREEZING & the wind isn't helping! Every time I blaze a trail through about 18 inches of snow, the damn wind fills it back in with drifts!
It is very quiet out back in the big boys pen. Food is untouched and no prints to be seen. They are NOT going to deal with going out in this.
A quick peek out....nope not goin' out in this crap! The only reason he could poke his head out is because I cleared the front of that den box after the first storm when it was almost buried. The whole entrance would have been buried this time if I hadn't.

He retreats back inside to let the others know.....don't bother getting up!

I finally get a glimpse of Mo (top right)....he has remained hidden back in the den box throughout. It appears they finally figured out they were all too big now to fit in one den box. Someone got tired of getting the drafty spot by the entrance! So Quinny, Rollo, Mo and one of the twins....I think it's Nosey.....are piled in this one.

And we have the other twin, Stinky......

.....and Tosser in this den box.

Up in the main pen the younger kids are business as usual. No one was going to venture out into the outdoor section this day! So the little puff balls got their way and I catered to them once again with delivery service.
Everyone clamoring out at once to get to me.

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