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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa's helper & Jingles the bat.

After almost 2 feet of snow, the temps. have risen and it's all melting!! One brave soul ventured out on Christmas Eve. Not for long, perhaps just making sure all was in order for Santa's visit?? I am guessing now that the snow has melted down to a more manageable couple inches of hard pack, more will be venturing out soon. Forecast says we may hit the 60's this weekend! I have a feeling everyone will be out because they will think it's spring!!
Our little friend Jingles is hanging in there! LOL...sorry, had to say it! This seems to be his spot of choice. Settled in this spot a couple days after getting here and hasn't moved since -except to open his mouth for his daily drop of water, then right back to sleep like all good bats should be!

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