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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jingles, Mojo & during the thaw!

Jingles is resting comfortably as you can see! We've reached a little speed bump though. After getting some advice from Bat World in Maine, I roused him to to get him to take some more fluids and possibly sub q him. Well he got pissed off enough to totally spread his wings and give me a good look and I noticed a couple small tears in one of the wing membranes.
So I will be getting back in touch with Jen and hopefully figure out what is best to do with our little friend!
In the meantime, Mojo and Miracle are doing great. Mojo has finally gotten used to much so he is constantly begging at the door for nuts when he sees me now!

And of course, how could I resist him!

The unusually warm 60+ degree weather has everyone venturing out! With most of the snow melted the gang has been hitting the feeding station again.
Here's Daisy looking great as usual!

The platforms were crowded! You would think they were starving out there! They certainly don't look like they've lost much...they are still porky!!

Mom and her late kits are doing fine also. My only concern for them was having been late babies, I hoped they would have enough fat and volume on their frames to hold them over for a long term sleep. But mother nature gave them a break and some great spring like weather in between storms to allow them to hit the feeders and replenish for the round of snow hitting us now!

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