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Friday, December 12, 2008

Surviving the ice storm!

Some very wild weather around here last night! Lots of freezing ice and wind did a number on a lot of trees in the area.....including my woods!
Luckily on my way out to check on the gang I was greeted by the little piglets almost immediately! A good sign all was well in the main pen!
Velcro coon!

All was well inside also. Roxy was chillin' on the den box.

One of the gang was particularly happy to see me, giving me a surprise, got ya from behind when you weren't looking, head hug!! Turns out it wasn't me he was excited to see, it was the new shiny toy on my head! (compliments of Laurie for Christmas!!! )

He's not very thrilled he had to get down without his prize!!

And the EVER SO CUTE Button beggin' mom for hugs! Who could resist this face!!

Well?? Ya gonna feed us now or what!!??

Although the sparkly iced over trees looked pretty, it was not a good thing. Both coon pens managed to escape unscathed.......

But the squirrel shed did not fare as well!! Two of the many branches that fell on it managed to literally impale it!! And to make matters is occupied by Miracle & Mojo, 2 greys overwintering this year!

Luckily they were not hit and the branches stuck in there in such a way that they kept the holes plugged enough to keep the fur butts from escaping! Miracle is living up to her name...because it was nothing short of a miracle that something worse didn't happen!

Dad to the rescue again!!! He patched the hole from the inside then got some shingles on the outside to hold it over until spring.
This is how weird the weather was. It was bright and sunny and not raining at all, but there was sooooo much ice in the trees that it was like a torrential downpour in the woods as it warmed up and stared melting off the trees....for a couple hours no less!!!

Let's hope the crazy weather is over with!

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