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Friday, December 19, 2008

The big boys say Hi!

After an ever-so-frightening encounter with their first snow, the older boys are doing well! A few even graced me with their presence when I went out to check on them! Some very lazy, sleepy hello's......only Nosey actually got out of the den box, and that was just long enough to pee on top of it, then mosey over to a different one and visit his brothers in there!
Here Nosey pokes his head out after settling into the other den box!
Then he decides to give me some lovin' after all! A cold, wet nose stuck in my ear.....

.......and a warm coonie hug!

Quinny peers out with no effort to venture any further out!

Then Rollo decides to poke his head around the corner long enough to realize "No way I'm goin' out into that cold!"

Meanwhile Nosey positions himself for his afternoon pee break up top!

Stinky ventured out partway......

....then also decided better of it and went back in to sleep.

Toto as usual was very happy to say Hi to mom...without venturing out of course!

Then he too backed his way into the depths of the warm den box and back to sleep!

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