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Monday, December 15, 2008

Singing coons & teasing the cat!

Ok, their not REALLY singing......but they should be with the weather here today! It's gotta be about 60 degrees! Talk about a total 180!! From a damaging, freezing ice storm, to spring! No complaints here though! The whole gang was enjoying it today!
Button...wud ya bring us today??

Outlaw scarfs down some apple.

And now presenting the coonie chorus! Looks like a karaoke extravaganza going on here.
Oooooooh, Deck the halls with boughs of holly!......

Fa la la la laaaaaaaaaaa.....

La la.....



The coonies weren't the only ones enjoying the weather. All the big fat squirrels were out today too.....totally entertaining one of the cats outside the window.....

And if I'm not mistaken......taunting her a little! Na na na! Ya want a piece of me? Well I'm riiiiight here.....oh so I am....c'mon! What's a matta', you can't open windows?? Hehe, what a shame! Poor, poor, kitty. Here, why don't ya get a look at my good side....let me just fluff my tail a little for ya!

As you can see, the squirrels that get released around here have it made too! What a porker!

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