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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

De-stressing, raccoon style & a visit with Lexi!

Ok...2 days of a broken furnace and no heat (and many calls to many repairmen before getting one to even call back), an oil change that turned into a $430 fix, a broken vacuum cleaner with a bernese mountain dog living here (among many other domestic residents!), and what started as a fairly simple and amicable divorce (as simple and amicable as divorce can be I guess!) now turning ugly and stressful. My week has been VERY bad!!
There is always one thing that helps a lot! Playin' with tha boyze!! I think they all knew mom needed a pick me up....even Mo, who usually gives a quick hi from inside the den box without leaving it, ventured out! Not only that, he was all about giving me some love! Crawled right into my arms for some lovin' and playing.
The whole gang came out to play and were just a little more attentive to me than usual....

And like Mo, Nosey was also particularly attuned to my mood giving me some extra lovin' that he knew I needed!

Like I said, nothing better than coonie cuddles to make it all better! If you don't believe animals can pick up on how you feel and react to it, you are crazy...these guys are living proof!

Later, seeing as it appears to be warmer outside than in my house at the moment...I figured I would venture out and see who might be about. 1 raccoon remained at the feeding platform when I approached....and I was very happy to be greeted by Lexi! She waited for me to come over, checked me out, took a nut from me then disappeared into the brush towards the water. It was short but sweet and I was thrilled that she at least waited to say Hi before scooting off again. She is one of my first of Ringer's and Belle's step siblings from 2006 so It's great to see her doing so well still!
Now I'm gonna go cuddle with the dogs and cats and keep warm...luckily the temps have been in the 50's, but they are going to drop drastically again. The repairman should be here first thing in the morning! He's the only one that called me back and was shocked I had been 2 days without heat or anyone even calling me back to help! I wish I had called him first 2 days ago!

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