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Monday, March 23, 2009

Red still loves her mama!!

It's freezing and windy out again! But I stopped over Mary's last night anyway to see if anyone was about. Unlike myself, the coonies were not crazy enough to bother! One lone raccoon did show up at one of the feeders while I was out there calling, but wouldn't let me get too close and I couldn't tell who it was...

When I got home I I venture out into my own woods in this frigid wind?? I came VERY close to saying no....then said screw it and went out. I am SO glad I did!

Other than a few pair of eyes in some trees, there was one lone coon at the main feeding station....and she was very impatient for me to get my butt over to her! It was Red!, and she was very happy to see me - in her usual jump into my arms sort of way!

I was very happy to have the chance to visit one of my favorite girls again...and it's a wonderful feeling to know she still remembers (and loves!) her mom!

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