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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The midnight run.

Laurie got a call last night about a beaver. A woman came across a crowd of people standing around the poor thing on the side of the road. Lucky for our little friend here she had a passion for animals and every intention of making sure this one got the right help. She covered it with a blanket, scooped it up and brought it in to Laurie. When Laurie got out of work around 10pm she swung by and got me and we drove the beaver out to Tuft's in Grafton.
I think we made it home by midnight.....a late night but well worth it!! At least I could sleep in in the morning. Laurie has a full, long day at worries, plenty of IV's there to start a coffee drip if needed! LOL

The Dr. and on-call student did a preliminary exam and all seems well so far. Minor abrasion to tail, nothing appeared broken, and not neurologic. They were going to have to get a better look in the mouth though, and that would have to wait for today when he/she could be sedated. Here's hoping for the best and we'll keep ya posted!

Had a huge gang of squirrels at the feeders yesterday....the cold doesn't keep them down when they're hungry! Of course they are probably all eating for 5 or so now!

And yes.....sometimes the grays and the reds can coexist in least for a while. Little Red here never once chased, yelled at or harassed any of the grays this time! Shocking!

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