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Friday, March 6, 2009

Raccoons and fun in the snow.

Some raccoons like the snow......and some will go to extreme measures to avoid it! For example..... taking a stroll outside without walking in the snow!
.....and digging right in....... get to all the fun places in the cage...

......still strolling while avoiding the snow.....

......and loving every minute of it!!
Outlaw had a snow tossing fest! (I got this pic. just before the camera was enveloped in a pile of snow!) I love little Button hanging down there egging him on!

Then there are those who don't mind it one way or the other.....until one of the pesky little kids up above pushes a pile of snow down on top of you!! Then it's game on!!!

Whaaaat??? It wasn't me! I swear! Charger looks guilty, but he wasn't.
Button may be little....but she's got BIG attitude! While the guilty snow-pusher Outlaw makes his escape, Button gets confronted....and wins.... fending off this big guy who's got at least 15lbs on her!
He makes his move......

....then thinks better of it.....

The fact that Button also had the strategic advantage from inside the hanging papasan chair frame didn't hurt either!

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