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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keeping an eye on an injured raccoon.

On the 24th I started noticing this injured raccoon. Unfortunately it's not coming around until about 3-4am so my chances of running into it are slim unless I make an effort to be up around then, go down, and hope by some miracle it will stay around when it hears me coming. (I'm guessing fat chance of that!)

After my initial panic, I am not terribly worried at this point though. As you can see in this clip, it's obviously using the paw a little, and they do have to climb up that limb to get onto the feeding it is getting around fairly well with it. Appetite is good...has been in every night to eat like a pig and seems ok otherwise. So I am going to monitor the situation for now. I have had others who have hurt a paw or leg and hopped around on 3 like that, but when I tried to grab them, had no problem using it to run away or climb a tree when necessary. (Popeye was a great example of that right after his release.)

If the condition appears to deteriorate, I will take more aggressive measures to try to help.

This morning aoround 8:30am, me and this little one scared the crap out of each other! I was just going to collect the camera when all of a sudden I see this head pop up at the top of the log right across from me! We both stopped short, I yipped, it huffed a little, (we both peed our pants a little I think!) then I collected myself enough to reassure it that I meant no harm! It's not one of my kids, but possibly a grand kid used to hearing my voice out there at night while I visited it's mom, because after I started talking to him, he proceeded up onto the top platform to eat. Wary but tolerant of me as long as I left him alone! I finished checking the feeder and left it to eat in peace. It's a little one, but in good shape and no signs of illness at all. This isn't the first time I've caught it on video during the early morning daylight hours.

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