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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playtime, Raccoon style.

Ok now! The big boys have been separated from the girls and kids while breeding season has been in full swing. Had a nice warm day out there so I moved the boys into the smaller side and let the kids go nuts! As you can see, it was a hit!!
What I like to call "the backward shuffle". They puff themselves up, the ears go back, they bow down a little on their front legs, and shuffle backwards! Ooooooo, so threatening!! LOL Button looks sooooo formidable here! (NOT!) What a cutie. what do I do!?

Kids will be kids! Button, Charger and Outlaw the wrestle maniacs.

Charger doing what he does best-and what he is so aptly named for- Charging mom and the camera!

With any luck, winter is just about over and the squirrels will be able to go in the near future!

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