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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...and they're out again!

More record rains....more record flooding! No sooner do the boys get back into their den, get it all fixed up and cozy again....and the flooding begins again. I haven't actually been over there to check...the ground is to spongy and I don't want to cave any of it in...but there is no doubt. Luckily again it's the boys, and the weather is warm otherwise. They'll be fine till it dries out yet again!
Part of the Gobble Gang has returned! One of the girls is hanging around again. Hopefully the other girl and tom will be back soon also.
The pics aren't great...these are the one's from my cell phone, but this was our unfortunate leg hold trap raccoon. He was able to cradle himself on the fence when the trap got tangled in it so at least he wasn't hanging from his horrifically injured leg.
It's very difficult to look I guess it's good that the quality of the picture isn't crystal clear...but you get the point. Yes that little white piece...the bone of one of his toes.
Just upsetting and enraging beyond words to me.

I'm heading out in this crappy weather to try to start taking one of the release pens apart from last fall so we can use it to enlarge another one. This crew is ready to go so time to get them set up!

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