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Friday, March 19, 2010

Noah get your Ark on over here!

Three days of torrential rain and winds had flooded us all out! Both the city I work for and the town I live in declared a state of emergency and words cannot describe how high all the water levels are around here. A lot of homes are under water, including our fur butts! Daisy's Den across the pond is flooded out. Luckily it was the boys in there and not mom's with kits. Easier for them to relocate temporarily.
Right up to the main entrance!

Not so warm and cozy in there now! Poor guys! Luckily the biblical rains were followed by beautiful, sunny, warm weather. Any tree will do for them right now.

One of the entrances totally submerged.

The higher entrance is still high and dry at least. It's possible there is still some usable dry den under there...I know it's pretty extensive so It's safe to assume there is dryer room under there somewhere also.

Two beautiful sunny days off and I got a lot of work done in the pens. Lots of branches down mean lots of new branches to replace the old in there. I really hope this weather is here to stay...lots more to get done for baby season...pinkies are coming in all ready!

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