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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hissy, Dad and the boys!

An awesome spring-like weekend around here. The geese have been gathering again making all kinds of noise and I was pleasantly surprised when I went out back and was greeted by Hissy and the Missus! I started chatting away to a couple on the beaver dam like I usually do (Yes I'm the crazy lady out in the woods talking to myself and any other animals that care to listen!) and I got a squawk back in reply as the two made a bee line toward me. It could only be my Hissy boy! He's the only one that comes rushing over when he sees me or hears me calling!
And so it was! Of course I only had my cell phone....
Dad was over doing some temporary repairs after the nor-easter blew through here. The girls were thrilled about all the activity on the roof!
Hey....what's goin' on out there?
Phoenix felt it was her responsibility to oversee the whole project....I think ya missed a spot there!
Boys will be boys.....when they bother to come out, Gonzo spends his time pacing in front of the girls. Back and forth, back and forth.....He's got 2 bald spots now, one on each side.
Peanut spends his time squawking at the other boys.
Willy stays holed up in the den box....unless of course I have some tasty treats to give him!
And Fozzy is just the cutest boy! What a mush...and a ham!

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