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Sunday, March 21, 2010

They're Grrrrrrrreat!

The girls and the boys are back together.....the boys not so thrilled about it I think. They spend most of their time looking over their shoulders trying to avoid a good bite to the ass! Time to start arranging to move them to a release site now that it's spring!
Thanks John for the AWESOME 2 in 1's a yummy snack and a toy!! The girls ruled it...

River eats like a lady.

But the boys were not forgotten! They got some frosted flakes in some higher spots in the pen away from the moody girls. Fozzy was thrilled!

The girls aren't just mean to the boys either! Here River attempts to drown one of her sisters by pushing her head under when she was trying to take a drink! Wow.....just down right evil! LOL

Willie isn't going anywhere near the girls.....NO WAY!

Peanut casually enjoys his frosted flakes away from the craziness.

River wants more! you mind?? Some privacy please....

River again...she wants all the mom time.

Fozzy made the mistake of venturing down. While at my feet trying to get my attention one of the girl snuck up behind him with a surprise bite in the ass....leading to his escape the only way he could go....straight up me! Once at the top, this new exciting toy took his mind of the trauma he incurred below! LOL

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