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Friday, March 5, 2010

The girls are all right!

Spring-like weather was predicted for this weekend, and Friday has lived up to the expectations! All the girls were more than eager to put the hormonal bitchiness aside for a while hang out in the fresh, mild air for some play.
Ellie...good as new with no sign of her previous injuries. of the littlest, but by far the moodiest! NO ONE goes near her when she's got her chicken wings! Tasmanian devil x 3!!!
Phoenix...always a sweetheart.
River...always wants to be the center of attention! Pick ME up mom!
Chicken grabbing for some marshmallows.
Piggy...very sweet. She looks so much like Nel Mezzo from my 2006 group!
Phoenix and Witchey...
Little Raquel...the smallest little girl. My fingers are her favorite toy!
Cinnamon...she's got some funky marking changes with her mask...getting a little H on her forehead.
Phoenix...get my good side mom!
Witchey....she just LOVES Auntie Laurie....NOT!! It's amazing, as soon as she sees Laurie the ears go back, she starts barking and growling and tries to charge her through the cage! She's usually such a gentle soul too! We think it's because Laurie tripped in the pen one day and fell toward her, freaking her out. Ever since then Auntie Laurie has been on the BAD list!

I'm hoping all their heats pass soon so I can put the girls and the boys back together before their final release in the spring. They can still interact through the wire door...just not in the baby-making kind of way! LOL Last thing I need!

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  1. So adorable Dee!! I love your blog! I want to come see them! Tracey W :-)