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Monday, April 7, 2008

Caught in the act!

Bella is growing like a weed still. She's up to 140 grams and doing great! Red is going to be heading back out soon too. The swelling is down in her foot and she's using it now. One more check with the vet and then I think she'll be free to go.

When I got the coon cam today to download the pics I couldn't figure out why there was dirt all over the camera and tripod. Someone had to be fiddling with it! I didn't put it on a tree because I knew the coonies would be ALL over it so I use a tripod that I figured would be to difficult to climb. Sure enough I discovered the culprit!! Curiosity finally got the better of someone who found a way to climb the tripod while another looked on in amusement!

It's good to know the tripod and camera can withstand a raccoon climbing all over it! Luckily I had anchored it with big, heavy bricks when I put it out there! Crazy coon! I hope it doesn't become a habit! haha

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