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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The New Family & other sightings.

I'm happy to report Belle and her new family are doing great. She is taking VERY good care of her 2 new babies. I got a quick peek at Bella and Macy before she scooped them up and turned them away from my view, putting herself between myself and them.

Popeye is doing OK. He's a little under the weather, apparently due to a slight infection from his injury. He is now on antibiotics and should be feeling better soon. He certainly has no problem avoiding us when he know it's time for his shot though! Plenty of energy then!

The coon cam has been showing a regular visitor to the feeding station around 1:30 the past few afternoons. I popped out back this afternoon to check it out. I had a feeling it was my girl Ringer. She did this last year when she had babies....showed up most afternoons around 3pm. Then showed up with her 3 kits in tow one afternoon.

Sure enough I'm standing out there and she appears like clockwork from the woods across the pond. She came right over when I called her and had her favorite treat waiting for her......some yummy avocado! Ringer also happens to be Belle's sister. We had a little visit and I got some good pics. I'll post them when I get a chance to download them! She looks great and I have no doubt she'll take good care of her kits wherever they are!

Red was out as usual last night running around like a maniac. Ran into her sister Silly too! I thought it was Red at first...they look identical except for their tail tips. They are even moulting the same. I couldn't figure out why she walked up to me, gave me a quick sniff hello, then continued on into the bushes! She practically ignored me! Huh! Then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and turned just in time for Red's usual assault....jumping all over me wanting to play! Ha ha She's such a love!

The rest of the gang still eludes me in person. They are not usually out until 2 or 3am on the coon cam! I am able to discern a few individuals out though and am confident of Feisty, Smokey, Sarge, Lexi and Goofball sightings.

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