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Friday, April 25, 2008

The new kid & a few of the old!

Well here he is! This is Tosser. Someone tossed him out of a car window. A woman was kind enough to pick up the little guy and take him to a vet, eventually ending up in my hands. Aside from a little bump on his head, he is in great shape and eating like a pig.

As you can see, he is a very blond boy also! Couldn't call him Blondie though, already had a Blondie! He was Belle's and Ringer's brother as a matter of fact. There will never be another Blondie.

OK lady! I know I'm very cute, but that's enough with the pictures!! Could ya feed me now!!

Silly was out last night. She's definitely a mom! Her nipples are HUGE! Came for a quick visit and a little play with me then on her way she went.

Paleface was out there the same time. She snuck up on me, gave me a gentle tug on my coat as if to say "Here I am, May I have a treat please!" She looks great.

Red wasn't out when I was out there, but she made sure to say Hi and smile for the camera to let me know she is fine!

Ringer is still making her usual daily visits also. Belle and the babies are doing great. Had some sightings of Feisty and Smokey on the coon cam too. Haven't seen Dandy at all. But I'm pretty sure she was pregnant when I released her again, so if she has kits somewhere I wouldn't expect to see her for a while.

The overwinters are READY TO GO! We're just waiting on Popeye to be all set so we can send them all out together. Soon!!!!

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