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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Belle & Ringer she is, the happy mom, Belle. It's tough getting good pics. She is inside and the camera has trouble focusing in the low light. Here she puts herself between me and babies.

Finally she opens up a little and gives me a peek! Two squirming little bodies under there although it's hard to tell!

You can just kind of make out the little tail and feet sticking out under her leg and chin! What a beautiful sight!

Here is her sister, Ringer coming for her daily visit from across the water...taking caution to avoid the Canadian geese in the area I might add. She's just a little girl like her sister and no match for the geese. Ringer is like my Red from my first release a couple years ago....she's the affectionate one from that group that loves to visit and play with mom.

Finally at the feeding station getting some treats and saying Hi Mom! She loves avocado and I would always bring her some for our regular daytime visits last year too. Looks like I'll have to stock up again. Isn't she a beauty!

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